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Portugal is a largely unspoilt haven for tradition, sun and sand. ItŐs people are passionate, friendly and warm. The music and the food are top-notch and the Algarve is an ideal destination for families and groups. What more can we say?

Portugal is rich in history and remains in many parts unspoilt by tourism. Charismatic villages surrounded by olive groves and vineyards still rely on catching fresh fish for the local restaurants, as they have done for hundreds of years. World Heritage protects much of the countryside and sites in this sun-soaked peninsular, meaning it has - unlike a great deal of European destinations - retained its rustic grass-roots character.

Portugal is blossoming with mouth-watering food markets and traditional folk festivals. Spend your day shopping for fresh fish amongst the colourful flowers lining the stalls. Retreat to your private villa in the evening and cooking some decent grub drowned in the local olive oil. At night, head out for some lively and passionate local music - what could be more romantic? The Algarve remains a classic European choice for families and couples alike. World-class villas in safe, activity-rich environments make it an obvious choice for those with children. Play tennis, climb, go horse riding or take a dip in the turquoise ocean. Again, the local restaurants and dynamic nightlife give us adults an inexhaustible choice of how to treat ourselves at sundown. Enjoy the beautiful coastline of Lisbon - a tranquil gem covered in colourful flowers almost all the year round.

If you fancy an island experience, why not head out to Madeira? A stunning island off the coast (yes, and we will even give you travel advice), it makes a great excursion for a week - or a holiday in itself. Contact us for information on the location of our villas and for useful local car hire information.

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