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Villa  holidays for many are not simply about sun, sand and sea ( not that there is anything wrong with those!). If you want a villa vacation where you can learn - and be blown away - from other cultures and civilizations, then we have plenty of villas and apartments to rent in areas that are bound to satisfy.

Named after Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athens is the cradle of modern civilization. The birthplace of democracy, philosophy, mathematics, fine art and culture as we know it today, this unique city breaths both history and charm. Walking the same streets as Plato and Aristotle, you can soak up an infinite amount of world heritage. The Acropolis is perhaps the most famous attraction in Greece; the birthplace of classical Greek civilisation, where temples from as early 4 B.C stand erected to Athena. Around the Acropolis lie all the major ancient attractions, so this is the perfect cultural getaway for those not wanting to drive. The remains of the Ancient Agora, where Socrates drunk his lethal potion in dedication to logic, houses the Dionysus theatre and faithfully reconstructed architectural masterpieces.
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Moving from Greece to Italy, Rome is a iconic city with an inexhaustible wealth of cultural attractions. The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, built by Pope Liberius in AD 358, houses stunning Roman mosaics gilded with gold. Get steamy in the 3rd Century Baths of Caracalla, which used to cover 27 acres and accommodate 16,000 bathers. Rome has history in abundance, why not visit Vatican City , the smallest city in the world or take a tour around the coliseum and picture yourself with Russel Crowe in Gladiator!
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These are but two of the cultural hotspots where you can spend a vacation. We have villas and apartments to suit the needs of the largest sight-seeing families to the solo adventurer.
Perhaps you would prefer to rent a villa in lesser known areas of the world? Portugals historic villages are one of the country's best kept secrets. Built from Granite and schist, and located in the heart of the country, they have witnessed over 900 years of Portugese history. While the villages are amazingly peaceful places to visit, they have not always been so tranquil.
In the past these villages, perched high on hilltops, played a crucial role in protecting the surrounding lands. Their vantage point made it almost impossible for would-be invaders to approach undetected. It was a hugely effective form of defense. Over the centuries, moors and Christians, Spaniards and Portugese have all tried to take the villages for themselves.And, as a result each village has its own spell-binding tale to tell. One such example is the village of Almeida, whose formidable fortress capitulated to the French in the 19th century after heroically resisting for 17 days.
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If ancient Europe is not your thing, then try looking further ashore. How about Mexico? Home to ancient civilizations of the Aztecs and the Mayans, you could spend a lifetime being wowed by the stunning jungle settlements.
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