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A wine holiday is a perfect mix of relaxation, cultural and hedonism. If you have always wondered exactly how your favourite wine is produced, or want to treat somebody to a unique experience, this may well be the perfect option.

You could spend a good year or three travelling around the world's wine producing nations. We have picked out a few we think make superb villa holidays.

First is Alsace, a region situated on the border of Germany and France. Alsace lies parallel to the famous Rhine and is dotted with small, picturesque villages between which nestle some beautiful vineyards. The Bas Rhin region, near Strasbourg, is known to produce light and dry wine due to its high rate of rainfall. In the south you will find The Haut Rhin, which is snuggled between vast, green mountains. A truly stunning region to visit, The wine from this area of Alsace is richer and more colourful thanks to the sheltering of the terrain. Each vineyard in this region can produce between 15 and 25 wines, so make sure you either spit or get a taxi back to your villa!
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Any wine buff worth their salt will jump and the chance to visit Rioja, the Spanish winemaking capital. Although once famous for its whites, it is the full bodied reds which now put this region on the map. Spectacular vineyards lie on the River Ebro valley, and on a slope to the north of the Ebro you will find the highest quality grapes. There are some superb villas in this wine region, where you can unwind after a hard day purchasing your heavily discounted plonk.
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However, this is just the tip of the ice burg... try Argentina, Chile, South Africa or of course the Champagne region of France for more ideas - we have fantastic wine supping villas all over the world!
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